How Bible Trivia Can Help Build Your Faith

In today’s world Christians have a common problem: mass culture absorbs the minds and hearts of our youth. They speak differently than their parents and learn many things that the older generation doesn’t know. Another fact is that we have to accept it because time changes very fast.

However, the duty of every Christian family is to teach their younger members to stay separated from mass culture in matters of beliefs and values. Despite that goal being absolutely impossible to reach without replacing Bible study and comprehension, is there a way to inspire our children to read the Holy Bible on their own?

For some kids, reading and exhibiting curiosity towards everything is natural. However, people are not identical. Thus, in some cases, you have to put great effort into accomplishing your goal.

An inspiring method

Of course, first of all, every parent needs to show an example of how a person should love Scripture learning. In addition to this, we have a wonderful method for your younger generation to be impressed and interested in Bible study. If the whole family will gather for Bible trivia in a fun and relaxed atmosphere, they will see the Bible as a celebration, not as a boring obligation.

Imagine how wonderful it would look like: your whole family collected in one room, drinking tea or juice while one member takes leadership. It does not necessarily have to be an adult member. This position can transfer to the winner of the previous game, by draw or by turn.

What benefit is there from this method?

In the first place, Bible trivia will help you grow spiritually. The Bible is not just a book or cultural inheritance, it is the Word of God. When you hear it and try to understand its meaning, you are connecting with God. Both adults and minors will grow as God-seekers.

Besides, the Bible provides family members with wisdom, moral authority, and an example of behavior with your relatives and other people. That fact will definitely strengthen your family relationship because everyone will be educated in God’s Teaching, not to mention that those meetings themselves are time spent together in communication.

Personal benefit

There are periods of time that a person following Jesus reads the Scripture passionately. Unfortunately, there are times that even most devoted believers can put aside the Holy Scripture for a period of time. This is not beneficial in any way, and can even prove to be risky.

You can find a way out through establishing a tradition to arrange Bible trivia at the family table. These quizzes are created in a way that, after you give your answer, the leader can read you the right answer: a quotation from the Bible. Thus, whether you wanted to or not, you can read the Scripture that day.

It is good for evangelism

Sometimes it can be difficult to share the Gospel with your neighbors, coworkers, secular friends, or classmates of your kids. However, this can be resolved by simply inviting them to dinner. You will not overstep any boundaries if you do it in this way.

It is a fun tradition in which your guests will participate with pleasure. It is going to be clear that Christianity is a light faith and not related to some dark stereotypes. As a result, those people that had dinner will hear the Word of God.

The quizzes renew every time, so you can never truly be bored. Besides questions about details in the text itself, you will also encounter questions such as how many chapters are found in the Bible. All this will urge you and your family to study the Bible more thoroughly next time.

Isn’t it great that someone prepared Bible trivia for you and you don’t need to spend time on inventing new questions? After a couple of months of practicing these exercises, you will notice the revitalization of your Scripture study. Even if you are one of the millions that like to read a lot and every member of your family are great readers, a bit of fun won’t hurt you.